Shalom everyone! We took a few days off from blogging for shabbat. We have a lot to process and write about in regards to our first two days in Jerusalem. They we extremely powerful, and words just don’t seem to be enough right now.

Today was our first shabbat in Jerusalem. Being together, in Jerusalem, with old friends and new friends gave incredible meaning to our shabbat. As we relaxed by the pool, we gazed up at the hills surrounding the old city and breathed in . . . even the air had a sweetness to it. Was this place different? Had we changed slightly today? Both perhaps.

We had the most amazing connection with three generations of an Armenian family in the old city today. We chatted with them about Jerusalem of the past, gazed at their grandfather’s photography from the Jerusalem of old, and talked about how some things change, and some things don’t. Elia, the son, commented that Armenian’s are just passing through on a long journey. I think we are all just passing through in one way or another, from one moment in our lives to the next. It was so wonderful to spend this moment with Elia and his father.

Our shabbat ended just as sweetly as it began. A picnic havdalah in a park, standing in a circle singing . . . we couldn’t have asked for more.

One of things we had to do in Jerusalem, was visit the tent that Gilad Shalit’s parents have erected next to the prime minister’s residence. Menachem’s sister, Tzeira, walked us over to the tent. Unfortunately, no one was staffing it tonight, so although we could not meet with anyone, we felt, by just standing there, that we were lending our strength to Gilad, and our voice to the calls to bring our son (he is everyone’s child) home.

We ended the evening with drinks and smiles, sitting with Tzeira, at a wonderful cafe off of Ben Yahuda.

Layla Tov! (that means goodnight!)

Michael & April






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