Thoughts on today

Yesterday we went to the Kotel, me and the woman I love . . . we davened, we cried . . . and it was sweet. Yet, we were separated, I could not hold her hand, or feel the touch of her fingers as her arm drapes over my shoulder. I want that, I need that . . . It is my identity . . . as sweet as it was, I know I need more.

My grandparents fought in the forests outside Vilna and marched in Bergen-Belsen after the war . . . they marched and fought for Israel . . . for a place where we wouldn’t be hunted down like dogs and shot in the street like my great aunt was at the age of 13. Having a place of refuge and safety is a reason for Israel, but it is not The reason. The reason is not to protect us from the outside, rather the reason is for the world, a Jewish world, that we can create on the inside. That’s what my family fought and died for . . . for the dream, for the reality of home that we can create here, in Eretz Israel.

1 thought on “Thoughts on today

  1. Oh Lord, I am so full of joy just watching the two of you so full of joy. I wept, ya ya. What an experience you are having…next I want to be included…I will carry the baby. There are 2 dozen pictures I want to paint. I have had this idea of a show of walls and gates. Avilha, I got the idea from the St. Josephs gate and garden wall. We are in Maine and having a peaceful time.The Lake changes by the hour. Some times in dark green and then later in the day it is a blueish silver. The loons are out in the evening. Speaking of loons, Gary is a fishing fool. I will let him tell you about the ones that NEVER get away. I love you two. And you love for each other shines though the pics and your words. Michael, April is my spring and you are the blossoms on the trees. I’m sure your family feels about April the way we feel about you. The miracle is that there are two of you in the world and you found each other. Loving you from Maine. Mom. Gary says hi.

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