Shalom from Israel!

Tel Aviv – Yaffo . . . Enjoined the sun lounging on Gordon Beach and soaking in the Mediterranean. We ate ice cream as we walked along the beach and strolled to the ancient port city of Yaffo. Loved the feel of the ancient streets of Yaffo beneath our feet. We literally walked the entire city and rewarded ourselves with fresh baked pita from the Said Abuelafia & Sons Bakery.

We left today for Tzfat, with a quick stop in Zichron Yaakov for wine tasting at the Carmel Winery, one of the oldest wineries in Israel. After navigating the Hertz rental car control (oy vey!), navigating the streets and Israeli drivers seemed easy! Thankfully, by now, we know we travel well together.

We were late getting to the winery, but fortunately Valerie, one of the friendly staff, gave us a personal tour. The cellars were amazing, and the wines even better. We left with 5 bottles! On Valerie’s suggestion, we had an amazing Yemenite lunch at a local favorite restaurant.

Continuing north, we finally arrived at Tzfat, and checked into what appears to be a fantastic old world hotel. We strolled the ancient streets and had dinner at a little cafe in town.






The Big Apple

New York City . . . a day with Grandma piling more food on our plates than we could ever eat (apparently we must be famished . . . do we look famished?) . . . the biggest bowl of matzo ball soup we ever eat along with the tastiest pastrami ever, at the Carnegie Deli . . . drinks, laughter, and stories with cousins in the West Village . . . pizza and cheesecake at 2am . . .

Our journey has barely begun yet has already been so sweet . . .


On our way!

We just took off and are currently somewhere over Wyoming 🙂 Looking forward to a fun time in NYC. Looking forward to seeing Grandma. Mmmmm, gotta stop at the Knish Knosh and of course the Stage Deli. We have one night in Manhattan, suggestions on what to do?