A beer and a friend

On my drive into work today, between sips of coffee (ah, sweet nectar of life) and listening to the traffic reports, I was thinking about my week and pondering all the important things in life . . . Hmmm, I do really need to reorganize my sock drawer . . . but seriously, I was thinking about the really BIG stuff in life, but in doing so, it dawned on me that life isn’t lived in the BIG stuff, but rather down in the trenches of everyday life, that’s where the happiness is . . . I know, probably not very very profound, and probably a bit cliché, but it did make me smile. The most meaningful times are not necessarily the big events (birthdays, weddings, parties) but rather the simple things . . . kissing April on my way out the door, looking back at her standing in the doorway . . . or just sitting and having a beer with a good friend, not talking about anything in particular, not solving any problems, rather just laughing and sharing . . . Where would we be without these things and the people to share them with? It’s good to have wonderfully sweet people in our lives . . . I think I need to have more of these times in my life . . . I mean, does it really get any better than kissing April and laughing with a good friend? (not at the same time though, that would be weird)