We are packing our bags and moving to Tzfat! We have already dreamed up the business we will open so we can join all the friendly and wonderful people we have met. From gallery owners to cheese makers, folks in Tzfat are a remarkable group. Chaim, a seventh generation cheese maker invited us to have a cup of Turkish coffee with him after we tasted his dreamy varieties of cheese. There were so many pieces of beautiful art, from painting, jewelry and sculpture that is was hard not to want to bring something home from every shop.

We walked from the Artist Colony to the Jewish Quarter where we wandered around new and ancient synagogues. Here the temples are tucked in any corner you can imagine and each one has a different feel. Most are only evident by tiny signs on the door or the small crowds of Orthodox men moving in and out.

There is so much energy and meaning to being here in Israel-it is almost indescribable. We need more time to wrap our brains around the words so we can adequately express what we are feeling. What we can tell you, is that it is powerful, deep and life changing.

Love to you all,

April & Michael







4 thoughts on “Tzfat!

  1. Beautiful pictures! But you are not allowed to move far away…
    Glad you are having an amazing time.
    Pie sends his love too…

  2. Oy! I envy you. I lived in Tzfat on occasional weekends for ten years beginning in 1967…..before the influx of Hassidim. That is my Israel. I am so glad you got to feel it and smell it and walk it!

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